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KnB Boyfriends: Midorima Shintarou Edition (insp.)

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Tell us 15 things that make you happy ! ! 。◕‿◕。 ♡

  1. Draw while I listen to music that inspires me
  2. My Original Characters
  3. Create characters and make stories about them (my self-canon yeahhh, although most of them are really dorkkkk)
  4. FOOOOOOOOOOOD, I love eat, specialy ketchup, I can’t live without ketchup
  5. Birds/reptiles
  6. Cry over my self-canon and imagine that is real (ok that doesn’t make me happy at all……)
  7. Money… if money isn’t happiness then I will be crying in my super yate 
  8. Peace and calmness, spend time alone 
  9. IDK I don’t need a lot to feel happy
  10. When someone draw my OC’s, paorgjpaerjgpoaegj
  11. I
  12. DON’T
  13. KNOW
  14. Mancervice
  15. Ehhh moar manservice

that’s it xDDDD 

KnB Boyfriends: Kise Ryouta Edition (insp.)


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